Community Libraries

Inspired by the free community libraries popping up all over Ireland and North America in the last few years (and my aim to be known locally as ‘crazy book lady’), I have decided to try my hand at becoming a ‘librarian’! I seem to own an endless amount of books (despite regular donations to charity shops), and my shelves are literally falling down under the weight of them all. So, I wanted to share some of my book collection with the world, and after reading about other community libraries, I decided to start a book sharing project.

I posted in my local community Facebook page, to find out if anyone else thought this was a good idea – if so maybe they could help (joinery is not my greatest skill, see above re: shelves)! I got an overwhelming response, much to my delight. So I set up a Facebook page and got to work. So far I have my first ‘Wee Free Trossachs Library‘ set up in Gartmore Village Hall, and judging by the great response and offers of help from my Facebook post, I am very hopeful there will also be a library popping up in Aberfoyle very soon. Watch this space!


A Community Book Sharing Project

The wee library functions on a very simple honesty policy:
if you take a book, please return a book!
(It doesn’t even have to be the same book)

The project aims to promote literacy, improve accessibility to reading, and to nourish our community spirit.

Each library is stocked with books sourced for the project (from charity shops) or donated by the community, and is curated by our volunteer community librarian (that’s me!).

These wee libraries will located all around the Trossachs area, I hope one day we can have a reading trail, a walk between all the libraries, for both locals and tourists to enjoy, and to promote getting out in to the fabulous Trossachs fresh air!

If you are interested in setting up a wee library in your village, please contact me for further information . . . I can provide and curate books, decorate and signpost each library and offer advice about building and locating it. I am currently working on setting up a library in Aberfoyle, it would be FANTASTIC to see them pop up everywhere from Stronachlachar to Thornhill, Brig O’ Turk to Killearn!

‘My First Wee Library’

I have set up a ‘Wee Free Library’ in Campbell House, Common Wheel‘s arts studio, based at Gartnavel Royal Hospital in Glasgow. It’s open to all visitors, staff and service users. It works on a really simple honesty policy – if you take a book, please return a book!  Books can have a positive impact on your mental health: lowering stress and promoting relaxation. I have even included some ‘Blind Date Books’ to inspire folk to try new books… without judging them by their cover!



If you have any enquires, would like to donate books, start a new library, or need to report damages to any of the wee free trossachs libraries, please contact me.


OH! Also: the name ‘Wee Free Trossachs Library’…. aye, not every library will actually fall into the Trossachs boundary, but that’s ok, it’s in and around the area. ALSO, no it has nothing to do with any kind of wee free churches ok? I just like the name. And it rhymes. AND it’s a reference to some of Terry Pratchett’s BEST characters… Of course!